Windham Association

Windham Association

Southern New England Conference, United Church of Christ

For Pastors


Boundary Awareness Training Policy

Any minister who is authorized or seeking authorization from the Windham Association will be required to take Boundary Awareness Training (BAT) every five years.

Periodic Support Consultations

Consultations are to be conducted every 2 years to “encourage personal and professional development among clergy” in the Windham Association by providing a specific occasion for “reflection and feedback on the practice of ministry.” (from the UCC Manual on Ministry, Oversight section, page 19)

Recommendations for Retired Ministers and their Churches

Each retirement scenario and congregation are different.  The decisions made regarding acceptable boundaries between the departing minister, the congregation, and the incoming minister (interim or settled) must reviewed carefully and prayerfully so that they will work to everyone’s best interest and allow for the church to continue its ministry and mission to serve God and God’s people.